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Instructions: All the questions have to be answered. There is no right or wrong aswer. Mark what ever you feel is right when you are reading the question. This test will take not more than 20 minutes

Q1. Are you a good negotiator?

Q2. Are you good at managing money and maintaining accounts?

Q3. Are you excited about inventing something cool?

Q4. Do you think about social/societal problems and think of ways to solve them?

Q5. Are you interested to appear for public services like UPSC, State PSC etc?

Q6. Are you interested to work abroad?

Q7. When deciding about something, you...

Q8. If you were a teacher, you would teach...

Q9. In a group, you...

Q10. You consider yourself as...

Q11. What do you consider more important?

Q12. You like movies that are...

Q13. If you fail at something, you...

Q14. Do you love Maths?

Q15. How good is your retention(memory) power?

Q16. Do you like to join Defense forces?

Q17. Do you want to start your own business?

Q18. How good are you in drawing/sketching/painting?

Q19. How do you rate your communication skills?

Q20. If any gadget/ appliance at home stops working, do you try to troubleshoot it?

Q21. Do you enjoy practical classes/laboratory experiments?

Q22. Do you like to spend time in the library to collect information about history/literature etc?

Q23. Do you like to read business newspapers?

Q24. Do you like how law and regulations are passed?

Q25. Do you like technology?

Q26. Do you like to work with nature/ environment?

Q27. Are you a creative person?

Q28. Salary means a lot to me?

Q29. Do you like coding?

Q30. In any gadget, which is most imporant to you?